Examine the effects of lifestyle factors on health and wellness and use your learned knowledge of human anatomy to create a successful wellness plan. This class  will enhance your knowledge of the structure and function of the human body and yours specifically.



We are what we eat, but we move like we think!

(Dalton’s motto)

Together, in this session, we develop a plan that initiates a new pattern of thinking by incorporating applications and instruction methods for “Active Isolated Stretching” (AIS). AIS assists those customers looking for efficiency in their bodies range of motion as well as the understanding the releasing of muscular and fascial restrictions. By utilizing AIS, clients can become more aware of the principles of balance and the importance of spine stability and may be less susceptible to injury. This instructional session allows a client to better understand their bodies kinesiology (the study of the mechanics of body movements) and how certain patterns may contribute to muscular discomfort.




Continue your search for Wellness and take a look at Massage Therapy and Advance Skin Care...



“As an athlete, I am hard on my body and deeply appreciate a good massage. I scheduled a therapeutic massage with Samantha Rose because of a back issue I have been struggling with for the past year. I was getting ready to go on a vacation where I knew I would be expected to walk for miles at a time and was concerned about being able to do so.

Samantha is an expert at what she does. She was able to pinpoint the core issue and bring relief. Prior to my visit with her I was barely able to walk one block. I am happy to say I was able to walk for miles and miles during my vacation.

I now have Samantha’s number in my speed dial and know she is the only person I will contact from now on. See for yourself. Schedule a massage with Samantha. It far excels any other massage I ever experienced before.”-Loren Fogelman

Loren Fogelman

As a physician, I am interested in therapists who have an excellent medical knowledge, especially with respect to anatomy. Sam Rose of Dalton’s Therapeutic Massage is, both in her skill as a therapist and in her knowledge base, is the best therapist in the rogue valley. I encourage everyone to experience a massage from her!-Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith

“My wife is a runner. She want into Samantha for a deep tissue massage. With her extenisve physical therapist background and years working on/with bodies, Samantha was immediately able to identify that my wife’s legs needed some work. Although it ‘hurt’ that day, she felt great the next day and has helped with her running. We will be headed back to Samantha.”-Mike Neilitz

Mike Neilitz

“A massage therapist should do more than just give you a massage. Samantha at Dalton’s Therapeutic Massage does more than just a massage. She talks with you about your issues, looks at your body, your movements and works with you throughout the massage to inform you what is going on. She cares very much for her clients which I find extremely important. There is no other place to go!”-Lois Malone

Lois Malone Developer@yahoo.com

“The cheapest vacation you could ever take. Just close your eyes and let Samantha do her magic. With her knowledge of the body, what’s normal and what not she will find spots that you didn’t even know needed help. If you’ve never had a massage before then the first few minutes may seem like unexplored territory but then the ship sails, the waters are calm and you just relax into it. By the end it’s just like a good vacation, you wish it wasn’t over and you’re so relaxed it takes a moment to adjust to being back on land. Do yourself a favor and schedule a mini vacation with Samantha. You may just find that you’re not limited to only one vacation per year.”-Dan Huckins

Dan Huckins CEO@google.com